Aramid Pro 300 Gloves


Thanks to durable rough leather lined with fireproof aramid fibers, the Petromax Aramid Pro 300 Gloves effectively protect hands and forearms from flames and heat. The fireproof aramid synthetic fibers with a heat-protective coating offer optimal protection up to a contact heat of 482 °F (250 °C). Furthermore, the fireproof glove is made of genuine, robust rough leather that is comfortable to wear on the skin. Even at a high temperature, which occurs when lighting a fire or grilling, the Petromax Aramid Pro 300 ensures safe protection. Moreover, thanks to the rough surface its gripping power is outstanding and hot objects can be seized safely. The hard-wearing Aramid Pro 300 Gloves are one size only and therefore perfectly fit for every hand. Another advantage is that the long sleeve of the leather glove perfectly protects forearms from flying sparks and flames.

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