Cast Iron Ridge Scraper


All-rounder for all cast-iron products

The Scraper with Ridges is your powerful helper for cleaning. The ridges of the handy scraper remove crusts and burnt residues after cooking. The curve at the lower edge fits perfectly into the curvature of your Dutch Ovens and Skillets, to easily scrape out persistent cooking and roast residues from the mould. The scraper not only thoroughly removes any residues but also helps to preserve the valuable patina.

Teeth that get a grip 

The tooth structure of the scraper perfectly fits into all cast-iron Petromax products with ridged surface. This allows you to easily clean any grilling surface with grooves, saving you time for cleaning your products with ridged structure. The scraper is heat-resistant up to 120°C and thus, enables you to clean cast-iron products that are still warm or soaked in hot water. The ridged scraper is made of food-safe plastic.

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