Fire Bridge


The Fire Bridge turns your fire place into a versatile outdoor kitchen with grilling function. The frame made of coated steel takes your outdoor cooking experience to a new level: You can suspend pots, moulds, kettles and percolators at three hooks over the fire. At the same time, the variably adjustable grilling grate enables you to roast meat, vegetable skewers and Co. as well as to keep prepared dishes and beverages hot.


Cooking over the fire safely hooked

Thanks to its eyelet construction, the Fire Bridge is stable on four feet and ready-to-use in no time. The cooking place is provided with a 45.3 in long crossbar, a grilling grate with height-adjustable chain suspension as well as three hooks of different length to suspend cookware. The long crossbar provides for cooking over one or more fire places. The grilling grate with framing raised edge safely keeps grilled food as well as pans and Co. at its place. This allows you to prepare campfire menus with various courses for all your camping friends.


Mobile outdoor cooking

Erect the Fire Bridge on solid ground before starting the fire(s). After having cooled down, the steel frame is disassembled and ready for new cooking adventures in no time. The Petromax Trammel Hook kh7 is an effective extension for your Fire Bridge.



Material, Fire Bridge: Steel, powder-coated
Material, grilling grate: Steel, chrome-plated
Overall height, Fire Bridge assembled: 43,3 in
Overall weight: 35,3 lbs
Length, crossbar: 45.3 in
Length, foot: 44.5 in
Maximum length, chain for grilling grate:  25 in
Dimensions, grilling grate: 15.4 x 15.4 in
Length, hooks (h1) for grilling grate: 5.3 in
Length, hooks for cookware:  h2: 7.9 in   h3: 13 in  h4: 16.9 in
Maximum load, Fire Bridge: 154 lbs
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