Amish Root Beer Extract

Homemade Refreshing Root Beer is an Amish drink of the season. You wait for it, you taste it and then it’s gone with the chill of a gray November day

Amish roadside stands selling bottled Root Beer can be found throughout Amish country this time of year. They are often heralded with homemade signs on whitewashed boards. “Cold Homemade Root Beer For Sale: No Sunday Sales” is typical.

The root beer may be in unmarked 12-ounce or half-gallon bottles set on a simple cardboard table in the shade of an old tree.

Mr. Amish is pleased to be able to offer this unique product to its customers so they can enjoy a taste of Amish Country.
( 1 ) Bottle Root Beer Extract 118 ml.
( 1 ) Bottle makes 4.75 Gallons of Root Beer.